Villa Pizzini: An Alpine Culinary Gem

meals at villa pizzini

Nestled atop the enchanting Mottarone mountain, Villa Pizzini offers more than just food. This is an experience, a symphony of taste and sight, an embrace of tradition and modernity, and above all, a testament to passionate craftsmanship.

As I made my way up the winding roads leading to this restaurant, the anticipation grew. It was as if the mountain whispered promises of the delights awaiting me. Upon arrival, the first thing that strikes you is the architecture – a beautifully maintained 19th-century hunting lodge, exuding an elegant, yet cozy aura.

I was greeted with breathtaking vistas of Lake Maggiore shimmering in the distance, and immediately, a serene tranquility enveloped me. It was evident; this wasn’t just another meal, it was a moment, a respite from the chaos of life.

Stepping inside, the interior seems to mirror the majesty of the surrounding nature. It’s sophisticated, yet unpretentious, a true embodiment of refined rustic charm. My seating area offered a personal alcove, providing an intimate dining atmosphere, reminiscent of those hushed, secret places where lovers share whispered conversations.

Food at Villa Pizzini

But let’s talk about the real star of the show – the food. The menu at Villa Pizzini is a heartfelt homage to the mountainous tradition, reimagined for the modern palate. It’s evident that every dish is a result of meticulous craftsmanship, with a spotlight on locally-sourced seasonal ingredients. Their homemade pasta, a delightful crescendo of stone-ground flour and fresh eggs, bears the signature of love and expertise.

I opted for the hunter’s menu, a journey through the rugged terrains of Mottarone, translated onto a plate. Every dish narrated a story, from the tantalizing deer tartare to the ethereal tiramisu. For those with dietary restrictions, worry not, for the chef gracefully accommodates, ensuring everyone partakes in the feast.

While the food serenaded my taste buds, the wine selection added depth to the melody. Curated by Ivan, the extensive cellar boasts over 7500 bottles from 900 different labels, representing a meticulous exploration of vineyards across Italy and Europe. It’s not just about the quality of the wine, but also the soul behind each label. The thought put into pairing each dish with the perfect wine is evident, creating a harmonious dance between the flavors.

Now, no dining experience is complete without impeccable service. The warmth and attention to detail by the staff, especially Ivan and Sabina, accentuate the overall experience. Every effort, every gesture, every recommendation – it’s all tailored to make your experience memorable.

One cannot help but draw parallels between the restaurant and its location. Just as Mottarone stands tall, bridging the sky and earth, Villa Pizzini serves as a bridge between tradition and innovation, nature and nurture, past and present.

To dine at Villa Pizzini is to step into a story, to taste the essence of Mottarone, and to savor moments that will be etched in memory. This isn’t just about food; it’s about embracing a narrative, celebrating the union of nature and gastronomy, and recognizing the passion that brings it all together.

In essence, Villa Pizzini is not just a restaurant. It’s a moment, a discovery, a love letter to all things beautiful. And as I left, I carried with me not just the taste of the delectable dishes, but also a piece of Mottarone’s soul.

Villa Pizzini
Località Mottarone, Stresa, 28838
Contact: +39 0323 290077
Discover, Savor, Remember.